Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6th Annual Gingerbread House/Candy Eating Festivity

What better way to start my blog back up with a post on a super fun tradition.  Our 6th annual gingerbread house making fun!  We had David's Parents over this year.  I know Grandpa was drawing plans up before he came over, heehee!
This is Sam's first year making his own home, we kind of ran out of dough and his house is lacking one piece, but we made it work and I think it was a better thing since he just put things on the roof without icing.  But loved it, he would get so excited whenever anyone put anything on his house.  He had to try all the treats and he kept going back to eating  marshmallows.  He had a great time!

Mads got started right away, and her house gets more elaborate and creative every year.  She really got into it this year.  Silly girl!  She even made a chimney and Santa's sleigh.  I was watching her at times, she really was concentrating and planning on what she wanted done.  It had to be perfect or she redid it.  Of all my kids Mads isn't a big candy eater, she ate some but really worked on that house.

Livs was helped by Grandma.  They both worked together.  She even has an animal in her yard.  She took some of her cotton candy, which she loves, and put it on her house.  She had a great time, I also believe she ate more candy then she put on her home.  She was literally walking on the ceiling afterwards.  I was surprised Mads and Livs even fell asleep that night, they were so hyped up.
Its always fun to watch Grandpa and David build a house.  They seem to be of the same mold.  Planning and building, then more planning and building.  And some of the things are so well done.  The roofs with the icicles and lattice roofs.  The landscaping as well, so well done.  Grandpa had an amazing latticed m&m roof. Just you wait, the picture will show the work put into the home.

Grandma's home was great!  She helped Livie alot as well.  So in a way she really was doing two houses.  She  had a tree and Santa in the front.  Her "snow" was "melting," but we got a picture before it "melted."  I love the door!

My home was a bit of a stolen idea.  I used the chocolate wafers on my roof, but David gave me the idea.  I started it before he did, so ha ha!  No I really am not creative so I had to borrow it, I don't think of cool things like that.  I really wanted to eat candy more then work on my house.  And you wonder when my two youngest get their sugar tooth from.  I ate way more then I should have, those darn cinnamon Santas and candy cane cotton candy.  My downfall!!!  I help Sam with his too!  He really was more interested in eating like me.  So we sat in our corner and went to town.

David's house was just like Grandpa's, well planned out and put together with creativity.  He even built a ladder and had legs and shoes sticking out of the snow.  The made a cobblestone walkway.  And a pond in the backyard.  I don't think he ate much candy, such the opposite of my philosophy of gingerbread house making.

I love this tradition.  We have so much fun and its always fun to start our Christmas off with the people we love most and having lots of fun.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and maybe I will keep up my blog this next year.  MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE GIRARDOS!!!


Matt and Alissa said...

I love your tradition. It looks like such fun. I also love that it is something special to do with Dave's parents (I am assuming that is who Grandma and Grandpa are). So cool. You guys are such awesome people.

Melanie said...

Your post just made me loud. I can only imagine it...david and my dad planning it out...the elaborate and the girls eating it all...sam just saying "Oooh"...and all the cotton candy being eaten. We had SOOO much fun doing with you guys last year. My kids were bummed we didn't do it this year. Definitely have to keep up the blog is fun to read.