Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Pictures

Here are some pictures from our family pictures we got done in December. We usually get them done in November, but we went to schedule the appointment in September and they (FotoFly) were booked until the end of December. Wow, I had no idea that it was that hard to get an appointment. No biggie, we got them for the 23rd of December. It was hard to figure out a good time because we had Baby Sam (schedules are big with me). What would cause the least amount of ripples in our day? And we survived!

I have to make a few facts about my family pictures, first, Olivia is very shy and we can't do retail store studios (they rush the pictures and Olivia freaks-literally). Second, we loved Fotofly last year and gave them a go again this year (which we were just as happy). Third, Sam does not smile for anyone he knows and doesn't know away from home, so the one where is looks like a slight smile is the best we got (but Sam looks great in all of them-especially with the girls). Now for the pictures:


Matt and Alissa said...

I know I said it on facebook, but they so cute. I might have to look into that place for our family pictures.

Melanie said...

Love them...sooo darling.

DaNette said...

So cute! I love the blue eyes on the green chair. Nice color combos. It's amazing how fast they grow! It's only been a couple of months since we've seen you guys but they all seem so much older! Adorable.