Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Once again Fotofly does a great job!  We have gone to them the last 3 times and this summer for the kids year pictures at their Fotofly Away (Thanksgiving Point).  We have never been disappointed.  I love these guys.  And the backgrounds keep changing, so most pictures are all different.  I also like going here because we never feel rushed, and my kids are super shy and the photographers are always good about getting a smile.  We had a great one this year, Tia, and she was the same one from last year.  She even remembered us!!!
 We thought we would do something fun this year.  Since all of you know that we are die hard Utah fans, we thought we would do Utah shirts.  GO UTES!!!  Maddie kind of fought the idea because she wanted to wear a Texas Longhorn shirt since she likes them better (she likes Utah but for some reason she is a Texas fan).  But she came around, silly girl.  But they loved it!

Sam is my super super shy child.  He did good for being tired, sick, and shy.  He woke up with a small cold that morning.  Go figure, right!  We got some smiles from him.  He is so funny!  By the end though he was done (the pictures of all 3 of them was his last-and you can tell).

Livs was so anxious to throw up her U.  That even in her pictures the photographer had to keep reminding her to wait until she told he to throw it up.  My little Ute fan!  Livie asked to look at them all the time.

I love these pictures!  And I love my cute little family!  And my kids are so great!  I am so grateful for my little Neapolitan, as David calls them (Red, Brown, and Blonde), Nerds.   I hope you enjoy these as much as I have and will.

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Melanie said...

Love, Love, Love them. They really do a great job. It is funny because you did them in blue last time. You have such a cute family.