Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Late Update

So I am a super slacker, and have really not been keeping this thing up. Man I don't even think I have kept anything up. Crazy times have been going on here, three kids really zap up your time (but what cute three kids are). And don't forget to look at the last pic, he has a kiss for everyone.

My three little nerds (Sam is about 1 month here)
These next three are from Sam's blessing (I had to include each of them):

Sam getting older and cuter (its amazing how fast they change):
Maddie reading to Livs (She does this all the time):
Livs and Sam getting ready to go to Grandma's (had to show off the cute Red stripes):
First day of school:
Another of the nerd clan (look at the Smile on Mads-missing 4 teeth):
And we might as well show my Birthday Pie (yum!!! 31 years old!)
You got to Love it when David brings home this yummy gift basket from his job for taking 2nd in a free throw contest!!!!
These next two are from his 5 month ones (he tends to like to roll but gets stuck on his tummy-can't quite catch onto the rolling back thing). Plus I love his face on the second pic!:

Starting to eat:

Here is the most up-to-date picture of the Nerd Herd:

And for the grand finale, Sam is blowing you all a kiss goodbye (I love this picture):


Em Russ said...

such cute pictures! Love the ones of your cute little guy! Can't believe how big he is getting. Dave, I'm a little disappointed in the 2nd place... you're losing your edge!! (totally kidding... TOTALLY kidding!!)

Melanie said...

I love the update...I love that picture of Sam (the one you commented on with his beautiful eyes) and the blowing kiss one...and how cute of Maddie reading to Livie!!!! Glad to see you had time to update...I would update but have no battery in my camera and frankly we are just boring people....tell Maddie bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb for me :) Love your Nerd Herd!!!!

Matt and Alissa said...

He is so adorable. All of your children are adorable. You are such a good mom. I love that you call them your nerd herd. What a great guy to share his loot. You have such a great family.