Monday, March 29, 2010

Madelyn's Disney Adventures

Madelyn is usually our scaredy pants. We were walking by Splash Mountain and she told me she wanted to do it. I was shocked! I wanted to make sure she was serious and showed her what kind of a hill she would be going down. And she said she would do it! We jumped on the ride, Livs stayed withe Dad and went on Winnie the Pooh. She liked the whole ride but the last hill. She cried and cried after, but I was proud that she had the guts to do it. Then she also went on Grizzly Rapids in California Adventures with David(I have the start and finish of this ride up, if you squint really hard you can see Maddie clinging on to David's arm). And once again it was Madelyn that ask to go on it. We showed her the hill at the end and still wanted to go on it. And once again cried after the ride, but she did it.

She went on everything we could get her on. Some rides she didn't like but she liked the majority of them. Her favorites were Small World and Teacups, and she did the twist with Goofy and others. She loved the whole thing, she even got upset when we went to the Aquarium (she wanted to be at Disneyland not there). She says we have to save up and go to Disneyworld next year because she wants to see Cinderella's Castle too.


Melanie said...

I'm shocked she went on some of those bigger rides. Connor's favorite ride was the Matterhorn. Garrett wouldn't go on it the first time but then when he saw that Connor liked it he had to go on it to show he was brave like Connor. Don't you wish you could afford to take them every year. It is so fun to watch them have so much fun. It is so fun to see pictures of them. I do like to see them all.

Matt and Alissa said...

Way to go Maddie! That is awesome.