Friday, March 26, 2010

Disneyland 2010

We decided to go to Disneyland this year, because a) we thought the girls were old enough to enjoy it, b) David wanted to give the girls something back for being gone all the time during school, c) and we wanted to do a family vacation.

We decided to drive straight through to Anaheim (12.5 hours on the road- that includes stops and meals). I wasn't all for it, but since this was the beginning of the trip, I thought why not. The girls did good, we stopped every time they got antsy. We got the girls some new toys while on the road. We also got these trays that strap around the carseat so they can eat and color and read books and all that. They were a lifesaver. Well for Maddie (I don't think Maddie every took it off while she was strapped in), Olivia hated the tray and threw a fit every time we put it on (the trays have sides so things don't fall off- so during snack time and when she wanted to play). The only problem came right at the end, Olivia was getting all loopy and singing to herself and throwing her self around as much as she could in her carseat. I was a bit worried, she might not come out of the roadtrip sane, but she has and is back to normal.

We had a 3 day park hopper, so we spent most of the time in Disneyland and 3/4 of a day in California Adventures. We liked California Adventures, but the girls just couldn't get enough of the teacups or Small World. Since I am not a young pup anymore, I get sick and headaches on twirly rides and roller coasters, don't get me wrong I like those but I can't do them like I used to. Anyways, the first time (of many) we rode the teacups and I made everyone not spin the cup. Well that didn't last long, and by the thousandth time we were twirly as fast as we could go. Even Olivia was in on it, getting me as sick as they could. I have always liked Small World, so when the girls wanted to go on it again, I was so there. And then we went on it again and again and again, and surprisingly I still liked it. I even sang along with it during the ride, outloud. The music was too loud for anyone to really hear me, so I was okay.

We got the girls autograph books and they just loved getting the characters autographs. Olivia was scared of the characters up close but she would just sit there and wave and say "hi, _____" over and over and over. Olivia wouldn't do the picture thing alone so I made it in all the pictures with the characters (unless we were eating). But when we met Cinderella, Olivia was star struck. She even took a picture alone with her, it was funny to see her get all excited. And Madelyn wasn't shy with any of them, but Aurora (her favorite) she was just in awe. All she could do was stare at her, I had to do all the talking. And she was the last princess, and she talked to them all and was friendly too, but Aurora just made her star struck. The girls liked the autographs so much that we had to buy new books for them. The first thing we did when we came in was go to Pixie Hollow, Maddie had to meet the fairies. And the first one we met was Silvermist, Maddie's favorite. And Olivia loved Tinker Bell, she loved that too.

We also ran into some friends from home. The Chamber's were there, David went to high school with Mike and I ran with Steph. I knew they would be there because we talked about it. But we ran into The Holmes's, David also went to high school with Jason. We had no idea they would be there. I took Maddie to the Bathroom by Splash Mountain and they saw us. I came out and David was talking to Jason and Krystal. It was good because Maddie had a friend for a few rides, Presley. That was just crazy, that we would be there together.

This trip was magical, Disney sure knew what he was doing when he opened Disneyland!!!! I will blog about a few other places we went to also.


Matt and Alissa said...

Lucky!!! I love Disneyland. How fun for your girls to get the princesses and fairies autographs. If we ever get the opportunity to go, I will remember to do that. I'm sorry though, I have to disagree about the Small World ride. The ride broke down on us while we on it one time and think we were stuck in there for like 15-30 min. It was a nightmare come true and I have just gotten myself to the point where I can hear the song and not have a panic attack. ;)

Melanie said...

I have been waiting and waiting for your blog update about your trip. Okay I need more pictures though. You have to bring them to the family party next week. I want to see ALL of them.....and I can't get enough stories about how much fun you had so I have to hear all the stories. It looks like it wasn't that crowded so that's good. I bet the girls loved it.