Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its been awhile...

So I have been a slacker in the blog world. And I honestly have been pretty busy with life. Just a bunch of small things squished together. Here is a quick update of the past little bit.
Christmas was great! We spent Christmas Eve with the Girardo's. We had a big party and had yummy food and good times. The girls were loved there gifts from Grandma and Grandpa (the piano is played constantly by both the girls and Olivia loves her Abby stuff). Christmas Day was fun! We all got lots of surprises from Santa (even I got a few!). The girls played all morning with their new toys. We finally got ourselves out the door and down to the My parents. And we were just starting to open presents when SPENCER called. We all got to talk to him, and I loved it (even though it made me miss my little bro more). He seems to like his new area better then the first. When Maddie talked to him she told him "I will never forget you while you are on your mission." It was great to him again! We then went home after we had an early dinner. Christmas was great and we are all spoiled by all the love and gifts we got from both families. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas!
Maddie has been busy with school and dance. She is dieing for soccer to start again, she misses her team. I mean it is almost a daily routine to wonder when soccer is going to start and talk about each of the girls. We just got done making her valentine's for her class party. She cut out all the leaves and she did really well. She even assembled the flowers herself, and wrote all there names on them. She is just getting so big, and I love it! I love that she is her own person. Maddie insists on buying her own clothes now, she will tell me what she likes and doesn't like, and I guess I am turning into a "mom with no good fashion sense." I knew this day would come but so soon, huh!

Olivia is my "lovey-dovey." She will come up to you and caress my face and give me a little kiss just because. She will tell me she loves me and hug me. I love it! Especially in the morning when she climbs into my bed and lays on my pillow and caresses my face until I wake up and then she kisses me. And after all the lovey-dovey stuff she gives me this big cheeser and goes back to life. I still have a momma's girl! Yeah!

The girls like to race around the house, ah my little track nerds. And this is there start postion(above). We had to take a picture of them getting "set." And when you yell go, they pop right up and take off. I guess I have them to watch too many track races. They make me laugh.

David has been done with school for awhile, yeah. He has taken up his old "homework," video games. I forgot about this, well at least he isn't staying up all hours doing school work anymore. We see him more often, which is great. And the girls love it when he comes home and they scream out for daddy and run and give him a hug. I love it!
I have been just doing little things here and there. I have been doing some major reading, I guess I really enjoy it. I just finished some good ones. "Hunger Games" and its sequel "Catching Fire" are great, I loved the second one the best. I don't know if I could wait till August when the final book comes out (AAAHHH!). Then Maddie gave me book 1 from a vampire series, since she thinks I am a Twilight Nerd (which I am!). "Marked" is the first of 6 and the 7th comes out in April. I liked it but oh my ka-ka words and "trying to hard to be a teen" stuff. The take on vampires is different and I liked the story line. I am going to finish the series, I did get hooked. I also read "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte (she wrote Jane Eyre), I really liked this book, classic old english and a surprising finish.

We are going to Disneyland in about a week, and the girls are going crazy. Literally! They are so excited to go! Well I think Olivia is excited because Maddie is. We made a chain to count down the days till we leave. We are going to be Disneyed out when we are done with our trip. So here we come!
Another big event coming up, is my sister's wedding in May. And I need to make the girls a jacket and sash for their flower girl dresses. And I need to add some orange to the white dress itself. So this has kept me busy finding the material needed and the stuff to finish it off. I hope it turns out good, these are also going to double as their easter dresses. Hope I can pull it off, wish me luck!!!


Matt and Alissa said...

Disneyland?! You lucky ducks! I hope it stops raining for you. Wow, you guys have been busy. It was good to hear from you. Good luck with the dresses and have fun at Disneyland.

Amateur Steph said...

Hey, we're going to Disneyland too! What days are you going?

Melanie said...

Glad to see the updates....we are excited for disneyland for you will have a will have to post a picture of your trip and of the dresses when they are finished. You need to pass any real good books this way when you are done. I am beginning to become a book worm these days. I am in the middle of the undaunted right now. I like it. I am going to start the percy jackson books next. Have fun next week. Hope you like your scentsy stuff.

DaNette said...

Busy Busy! I hope you enjoy Disneyland, I love your chain countdown. Half the fun of the trip is the anticipation of it right? Cute girls! They are growing up.
It's good to catch up on you guys.