Thursday, December 10, 2009

3rd Annual Gingerbread Houses 2009

Get ready for a bucket load of pictures!

This last weekend we made Gingerbread houses with Snapper Grandma. Snapper Grandpa was called to work earlier so we missed him. And Chad had to get sleep because he had to work that night. So we sent them home with the Gingerbread pieces. I will post their gingerbread house as soon I get them.

I was a bit worried about Livie not getting into it. But she was so for it. I just stuck icing everywhere and she stuck everything she could reach on her house. She even told David where to put stuff. She really worked on it longer than I thought that she would. I do have to say that Livs probably ate more candy then she actually put on her house. She had candy face! Livie's is the first house (just below all the pictures of us making our houses)!

Maddie really got creative with her house. All we did was put the house together and then we gave her a tube of icing and all the candy (David did put a window and door on it, but the rest was her). She really put a lot of time into. She even has reindeers (teddy grahams) and a sleigh in her yard. She knew exactly where she wanted her trees and snowman. She was the last one to finish. Maddie's is the second house, just below Livie's!

David took a break from his homework and have some fun times with the family. he helped Maddie and Livie. So he had to wait on spending his creativity on his home. But his turned out great too. I especially liked the candy cane with the stars on top. If you look close in the background of Livie's David is hard at work. David got his house done just before Maddie did. So it just goes to show that Maddie really got down and dirty. David's is the last one, the one at the bottom.

My mom's house looks like a church. She is such the decorator, she would do something and then change her mind and change it. My mom the perfectionist! :) She would have kept going but she had to leave for Chad. Maybe she would have beat Maddie on how much time she spent on her house. My mom's is the middle one below Livie's and Maddie's.

This year, I actually got to sit down and spend time on my house. Last year I was in a rush because Livie was a baby and I only had a few moments while she was on the ground and happy. So that was good. I had more design time, but I still don't think my compares to the others. They are all so creative, but I like mine. It's mine! Mine is the second to last one with candy canes on the corner without the stars on them.

I love to do this every year. You get to see what everyone creates. And each house is so unique, and special. I also enjoy spending the time laughing and showing what you did and looking at what everyone else is doing.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Melanie said...

How fun...What a fun tradition for you guys. I also got to see your new family pics...darling.

The Spencer Family said...

Cute gingerbread houses! We just buy one and put together every christmas - you're much more creative than we are!