Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Pictures

I am so excited about these pictures. I chose this year to go with a Photographer rather than a store portrait studio. Olivia is very shy, and it turns into a nightmare just to get pictures. We only have a 15 minute slot and everyone is trying to get Livs to smile and she just wants mom. And starts to cry and then pictures are done. Chaos at its finest!
This year was a one hour shot and we took our time with everything. Maddie was the model of the day, no surprise (more than half the pictures were her!!). And Livie even smiled(a first for a stranger), and we got some good pictures of her. She warmed up to the photographer and really started to get into it. No nightmares, yeah!
Maddie gets really intense from time to time, and it shows in the pictures. She has some funny intense moments. So in our family pictures, Maddie has a new face in each one. We took some outside in the photographer's yard at first. The day we took them was the day the temperature dropped low and rained a bit after we went inside. So Maddie was freezing and had a hard time smiling. And then the few we took inside Maddie was major cheesing it. I loved the different faces she made!
The best part of the shoot is that Livie didn't cry once. She got fussy right at the last few minutes. But we really captured Livie. Our photographer even got some really neat ones of Maddie's many poses. I also have to say that David looked really handsome. I even liked myself, which its been years since I have.
I wanted to add more pictures, but the post would be very novel like long. So here are a few of our favorites (including the ones on the left side).
I really liked the photographer too. She really did a great job with us. I just wish the weather was nicer so we could take more outside. She has a studio in her basement and her yard is landscaped for pictures too. I would totally recommend her!! Her name is Rachael Collins and here is her website
The coolest part, I get all my pictures on a disc and can do anything I want with them. The copyright is mine. Well worth the money and time! So enjoy the pictures!!!!

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The Spencer Family said...

I love your pics! Where is this chic located? I really want some new family photos...your girls are too cute and full of personality! Hope you had a great christmas!