Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Update

I really haven't done an update for awhile. So here we go!

Maddie is my little busy body. Even when she was sick, it only slowed her down one day. She was going strong while stuffed up and all. She loves her school, she tells me what she does all the time. And she talks that whole way home. Its fun to hear her talk about it. I help in her class once a month, and I really enjoy it because I get to know all the kids and the teacher. Plus I know exactly what they do on a daily basis. Well on this particular day, I watched Maddie and the other girls dance. Which was fun because I have never seen them do that. Maddie is very competitive (I wonder who she got that from, not me!!!!!! hahaha!), and during the warm up they were doing different moves along the lines on the floor. Each girl had their own line, and Maddie wasn't really doing anything close to what the teacher wanted. She wanted to be the first one to the other side of the room. I had to laugh! What have I given this girl!

What I have noticed about Maddie is that she isn't afraid to be who she is. I love that about her! At one point during the day, they split off into certain areas. And Maddie will do the project that she really wants to do first (sometimes that means that she will do it alone, and in my case not the project that I was helping with), and then work her way through the different areas.

Maddie also finished soccer awhile ago! I loved the team she was on. They were the pink fairies, they were pink and black. Maddie at first just ran around the ball and didn't do much but follow everyone and run circles around the ball. And that is fine, even though it was hard to watch it because I am so competitive (and I was a good parent and just cheered and watched!). But as the season went on my little girl turned into a soccer machine. She really goes after the ball, and by the end of the season she could dribble the ball from one end to the other. She even did some passing with the other girls on the team. And she hustled all over the place. She enjoyed herself too. David thinks she got her soccer skills from him, but we all know that you have to be a good runner to keep up in soccer (so we know who is responsible). Okay maybe it was him, but I can take some credit, right?

Olivia is like my little blossom! She really has come out of her shell. She has so much personality now. Even to me she has just really opened up. She is shy by nature so she doesn't really open up too much around people outside of the family. But when she gets comfortable, she turns into a little red firecracker. She is saying all sorts of things. Her new thing is to yell, "Are you ready?" And we say, "YEP!" or she keeps asking you until she gets that answer. She calls Maddie, "Maddie Lou." She adores her Maddie Lou, she follows her everywhere. She copys her at everything, and sometimes Maddie is not a fan (but isn't that what little sisters do?). She counts to five, not always in order but she does it. And I love the way she talks. She runs with a bounce to it. I can't help but laugh when she runs. She also says "I La ooo," which is I love you, when she feels like it- which is all the time.

Livie loves to do my hair. She takes a barbie brush and brushes through my hair and fluffs it. I love it when she does it too. She is so gentle! Unless she is fighting over my hair with Maddie (sibling rivalry-you got love it!), and you could imagine what I live through. But she really is a gentle little girl. She loves babies, and points them out everywhere. She also enjoys barbies, this girl thinks that Cinderella (she says 'Rella) is all of them.

David is in his last month of school! I am so excited to get more time with him. I love the weekends when he is home. He also makes it special for the girls, he gets treat trays ready for a movie. Or he lets them pick dinner out. Or we go do something. So he really makes our weekends fun. We love him very much!

I just finished "The Undaunted" the other day. I loved this book! I got on the website after I read it and saw the trail these pioneers took. And it amazed me where they went and what different trials they endured to cross the trail they took. I cried in a few spots because what they went through and how tough it was on them. I don't know if I could do such a task as these pioneers took on. The Lord really had a hand in it, I mean really had a hand it. Babies were born out there and survived, they went down and up hills that I would really have hard time walking let alone taking a wagon on them, and they really had to work hard to get to their destination. I recommend this book to anyone!!!!

Oh and we had a hot date at the beginning of November. David won tickets to the Train Concert. And I loved it! I was dancing the whole time. He even sung my favorite song from these guys, "Ordinary" from the Spiderman Soundtrack. We had to leave early to get my girls, because my mom needed go. David had to literally drag me out of the place. I really didn't want to leave, but I did. I want to go back!!! Train is sooo Awesome LIVE!!!!!

And my nerdyness came out a few days ago. I dragged David to New Moon, but he really did like it. He probably won't tell ya that, but he said it was way better then Twilight. You know I loved it! I always like a good Twilight Fix! We went with Mel(David's Sister), Shelton (Mel's Husband), David's Parents, Alissa and Matt. My mom was suppose to come with Dad, but she had a old friend she hasn't seen for years come into town and had symphony tickets. I guess my Dad was let off the hook. I loved NEW MOON!!!!!!

Hope you all have a good holiday season!


Melanie said...

I can't believe how big and cute the girls are moon was fun...after new moon and american idol we need to find something else to do together. I guess AI starts up again in a month so we always have that. Happy thanksgiving.

Matt and Alissa said...

Your girls are getting so big. They are both so beautiful. You sound like you are such a great mom. I hope we can find a time to get together soon. It was so fun to see you for New Moon and thank you again for the tickets. It was an awesome movie.

The Spencer Family said...

Your girls are too cute!!