Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween 2009

Sorry this took so long to get up! I have no excuses! But it is finally up and you all get to see my cute little girls.

Halloween was fun this year, but new because we had two kids going out and trick or treating. We got cold early on so we didn't do as many this year. Livie was going strong! Maddie wouldn't take her costume off to get warmer clothes underneath them. I told her she will get cold, but I wanted to avoid a meltdown. So I just went with it!

Livie was a lion! I had pink bows in the mane from when Maddie had the costume. I went and found some colorful ribbons to add to the mane. And I loved how it turned out. She looked so cute running around in a chubby lion costume.

Maddie wore her sleeping beauty costume I made. She wears it constantly, and never wants to wear anything else. So it will get some good use! I also learned a new lesson! Even though she looked good, I am going to try and do no more dresses. At least not long ones! It is just hard to maneuver in a dress. And I believe Livie was still going because she was warm. So warm and no long dresses are going to be next years theme (which Maddie already has one idea- fairies- Livie is going to be Rosetta and she will be Tinker Bell). We will see, maybe I will have to make it out of fleece!

Even Ivan, my nephew, made an appearance as Batman. He is now 6 months old! Babies grow so fast!!!! Super cute!

And a side note: Laffy Taffy not good for my little 1.5 year old. She was miss treat eater after halloween. Hence the chocolate face, and candy stuck in hair. It came out easy, but the washing it out of her hair took a bit of time.

Enjoy the pictures! And I hope that you all had a good Halloween!


DaNette said...

The dress turned out amazing! What a work of art, and Maddie looks so adorable in it, posing and all. I love the last picture the most I think--taffy in the hair! Gotta love it.

Melanie said...

I have had my fair share of things stuck in my hair...just ask David....the costumes turned out adorable. See you FRIDAY!!!!!!

Matt and Alissa said...

So cute!! They looked adorable. I love both of their costumes. I would wear that dress all the time too, if I had one. Way to go.