Friday, October 2, 2009

So Far, no anger issues...

...yet! I am actually sewing now! It took a month just to cut the pieces. I have sown the bodice together. Which was pretty simple but time consuming. There are a ton of pieces in this costume. It took awhile to get the right pieces together. But I did it!

The sleeves are done too (sort of)!! I always worry about the sleeves. I am not good at keeping all the wrinkles out of them and keeping them together right. But I did it! And I did it right the first time. Yeah, I am so pro now! I still need to attach the sleeves to the collar though, so its not over yet, cross your fingers for me.

I am working on the collar. This has to be the weirdest collar I have ever attempted, but it has to stick up and flare out on the sides (Aurora has interesting fashion ideas). It calls for wire, but I read on some reviews that the wire was a pain and most people just used a thicker interfacing and had no problems with it not standing up (after many washes even). Interfacing, i wish I knew exactly, but I think it is for adding weight to the material and in my case to get something to stand up (I am new at what everything is- this is the first time working with interfacing). So I am attempting to do it without the wire! We will see how it goes!

I am trying to get this done by Oct. 17th. That is my deadline, hoping sooner- but we will see. This are actually ahead of schedule, so I can have a few days of crappy sewing and get nothing done but cuss at my sewing machine. I totally plan on having one or more of those days. I don't like them, but what can I do. I better get back to it! I do have to admit having no problems makes for a boring post. Sorry guys! I think the collar might be a bit of a monster, so here to a good post next time.

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Matt and Alissa said...

It looks great! You are doing awesome. I am kind of jealous. Maybe next year I will follow your lead and make a costume for the kids myself. Good luck with the collar.