Thursday, September 17, 2009

My New Sewing Project

I am going to try my luck at a Halloween Costume. Maddie wants to be Sleeping Beauty, and I thought I would sew her one. We will see how well that turns out. I know I will have days that things go well and other day when I want to throw my sewing machine through the window. But I hope the finished result will be all worth it.

I thought I would blog about my sewing roller coaster project. It might be boring, but you know it might even help me calm down if I had one of those days. They say writing about it helps. And then I can share in the successes and so I know I can do something right. This is my little experiment. So bare with me!

I had to trace the pattern out, because I don't dare cut this pattern. Its out of print and very authentic looking. So I want to keep it whole, maybe if I don't hate it when I am done I can make it again (unlike Livie's Easter Dress-it still sits in a drawer, way in the back and buried). That took awhile, but well worth it. I like the tracing paper I used rather than the tissue that it is printed on. It seems to hold up better when I use my tracing wheel (I have to make marks on the material so I know where each piece is to go). I have to use each pattern a few times, so its multiple uses really can wear it out, but it is holding up nicely.

Maddie is a size 4, when I measured her. But the dress I made her for easter just barely fits her. And that dress is a size 4. And it is the same brand of pattern I used, so I am going to make it in a size 5. Hopefully it will fit her fine!!! Cross your fingers for me.

I just finished cutting all the pieces out. I get to do the fun/scary part!!! Wish me luck! I first have to sew the organza to the matching satin pieces. Then I get to do the bodice! I will keep you posted how much fun this is going to be.

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Matt and Alissa said...

What fun! I am excited to watch this project. I wont be bored. If it turns out a little big, that is fine because then Maddie can wear layers underneith to keep her warm and she can play dress-ups with it for a long time as well. Good luck! I hope it turns out wonderful.