Friday, October 2, 2009

Alright, frustration is at hand!!!

**Note: I was going to publish this post this week but I got caught up painting my dining/computer room. So its a bit late, and a new one will be posted soon, sorry!**

This collar is just kicking my bum! AAHH! I have had it! Just getting it pressed with the iron was tough enough. Since it sticks out, it took me forever to get the stitching to line up and then hold it in place to iron it. That was a fun evening of playing with the iron for a few hours.

Then lining the interfacing into it, was fun too! The interfacing was too long on the sides, so I had to trim it slowly so I don't trim it too short. But some how I managed to cut it too short. So I took the pieces that I needed and sewed them together and back to the original. Fun Stuff! But then I basted (which is hand sewn a line (see the top picture) to hold the interfacing to the material before sewing) the pieces together. You can even see the flare out in the picture above(yeah!)!!

The picture below is the collar sewn to the bodice and sleeves! I just need to sew the straps in, which will go quick.

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Matt and Alissa said...

It is looking awesome. Way to go. I can't wait to see Maddie in it.