Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday with My Mom

I am going to be punching out a bunch of posts in the next little while. I have had a busy month, and thought I would break them up. I know that everyone wants to hear about my girls, but that is going to be the next post. I still need to get the pictures off my camera first. I already have these on my computer, so that is the reason for more of me, sorry to let you down.

I went to my Mom's "Fabulous Friday" night at her church in the evening, which is a much better idea than a saturday morning one. And they had so many cool things to make that I actually had to limit myself (I wish I had Maddie to help and more money). But I do have to say I didn't make them all. Since my mom is involved in the planning I got to help pick what was made. And the one I voted for (see picture above) they chose, so they gave me the one on display (I still paid the price to make it but I never had to make it). Which is good because I was busy all night.

And Olivia's letter "O" we never made either. My mom got the display, which in turn is in Livie's room now. My mom did make the "M" for Madelyn, which was a quite the project. And I am surprised it turned out looking really good. Because I was worried about it (I think I really didn't help out- my mom fixed it!) I made the countdown to Christmas blocks. Which took me awhile because I was chatting with my mom's friends and the young women who were there. I even talked to an old friend from when I was in Young Womens, and she came with her mom too. We used to play church ball together, we had some good laughs.

And the best part was a taco bar for dinner. And homemade salsa, rice, and refired beans, how could you not eat so much. And there was a ton of food, so I did go back for seconds and I wanted thirds but I controled my will with dessert. Brownies and Cake! I am such a pig, but it was good! Good thing I run, huh! I might have to run twice a day now!

Plus I spent some time with my Mom, which was fun too!!! And gotta see where I got the "talking" gene from. My mom talked to everyone and about everything. It is all part of the mom gene!

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Matt and Alissa said...

What cute projects!! I love them. Is that top one a calendar? It is really elegant. Those letters are super cute too. It looks like you had fun. I would love a night like that. Thanks for sharing. Those are some great ideas for decorating (and I need as many of those as I can get).