Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enchanted Woods @ Treehouse Museum

So our little Madelyn is scared of almost anything. I wanted to do something for Halloween this last weekend (October 17th), and that was a challenge. Even Livie is scared of alot of things, of course she is only 18 months.

I came across a comment on Facebook on someone elses status update. And they mentioned the Enchanted Woods at Treehouse Museum. I looked it up and it sounded great. You can even buy the tickets online and what time to do your "tour." You can where your costume there, and many of the kids did! Maddie didn't have her's finished yet, so Livie couldn't wear hers either.

The Enchanted Woods is a tour through-out the museum. At the start they give you a halloween bag and a coloring book, and you get a tour guide- ours was Little Red Riding Hood. Then you start, and at each "station" you meet a character from a story. I don't know if the theme changes, but they told us the theme was about animals so every story was about an animal. Back to the tour, each character tells a story, like the frog princess told her story about the frog and her. They interacted with the children and asked questions. At the end of there story the character would give the kids a prize or a treat, and each one related to the story in some way. Each station went by quick, it was the perfect length to keep the kids engaged and not wandering.

Maddie loved it! She liked to hear all the stories and get all the neat stuff. In the last station, we met the "big good wolf" and Livie was so scared she was shaking. David took Livie and wrapped his arms around her and talked to her. It seemed to help her! Maddie after told us that she didn't want to see the wolf ever again.

I thought it was way fun! And would recommend it to everyone. The tour is about an hour long, and each one begins every 15 minutes. And its only on the weekend until halloween. So this coming weekend would be one of the last. It is $6.00 for kids 2-15, kids under 2 are free and. And worth every penny. I think it starts at 4 PM till 9 PMish, check the times i am not postive. Treehouse Museum

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Matt and Alissa said...

That is awesome. What a good idea. I think I just might have to give that a try.