Monday, October 19, 2009

And the fun continues!

I am finished with the top part of the dress and now I move to the bottom of the dress. I have attached the horsehair-braid (a plastic-netty-stretchy 1 inch strip-see picture) to the bottom of the dress. I don't know much about this, but I know it used to be made from horsehair and it is used in Wedding dresses and Formals.

Well sewing it on wasn't such a big deal. I have not had much trouble in the sewing machine part, no stupid stitches that require unstitching or my machine being retarded.

Then I realized that I need to hand sew the hem. A quick definition of a hem is the nice edges on your shirt sleeves and the bottom of dresses or skirts. Well this hem involves hand stitching. Which is not good for me, I am really slow at that. Not to mention, I have tons of knots and some I can't get out. That got really frustrating quick, but I had to keep going. I have been working on it for about 2 weeks, and I finally finished it yesterday.

I am running behind, I wanted to be done with it on the 17th, and the hemming took so long. But I think I can get it done this week. I just need to piece everything together. And then sew the top to the bottom, and a zipper. I always worry about the zipper, but I have had no problems with zippers the three other times I have done them. Well I will keep you posted when more gets done.


Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor & Kylie said...

You are so talented. You need to teach me how to sew...I am clueless. I can barely sew on a button.

Matt and Alissa said...

Hooray. I am so excited to see it all finished.

Matt and Alissa said...
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