Monday, September 14, 2009


So life has been pretty busy lately. I feel like I never sit down, unless it is Sunday. But my Mondays are also pretty boring. Which I use to make sure I have things for the rest of the week.

Maddie started preschool!!! And I got her in a combo class, which consists of tumbling on Tuesdays and dancing on Thursdays. The last 45 minutes of class she changes her clothes and tumbles and dances. She really loves it! The first day she actually threw a fit (I can laugh at it now), because she wanted to tumble again and again. The second day, I walk in and she starts to cry. I asked the teacher what happened and she told me she was just fine and nothing happened. I asked Maddie what's going on and she tells me she doesn't want to go home. And last week was better but she still trys to see if she can stay behind and do more. So I take it as a hit.

Maddie also started soccer. Her first game was Saturday, and it was an interesting game. She ran around in circles around the ball. David told me she has too much of the running blood in her, she was doing turning left the whole time (I knew she was going to be my track runner). It was funny too watch! She loves to go to soccer too! She insists on wearing the team uniform to practice as well. Good thing the other girls are the same. Its so funny to watch all the girls play and really don't know what they are doing.

Livie has been sick this past week. And just getting back to herself. She really looked out of it, and she had a croupy cough. Livs loves to read books, but her favorite are the wii game booklets. She opens the games and takes the booklets out and flips through them. You would think that she would get sick of them but nope she reads them over and over. Another thing she likes to do is climb. She climbs on the barstools and chairs and couches and anything taller than her. I worry she will fall and get things she isn't suppose to have so I really hoover around her. The barstools scare me the most, she has almost fallen a few times. But she is just my busy girl! She is a little person now, and I sort of miss my baby. But I love to watch her learn, and make me laugh!

For some reason she doesn't take a good nap when Maddie is at preschool. She is always up 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier then usual. She really enjoys Mads! They climb all over eachother, it looks like they are wrestling. But laughing there heads off, and squealing makes me just laugh with them.

David is on his last semester!!!! Yeah!!!! I am so excited and so happy that I won't feel like a single mom anymore. I might even be able to see him daily!!! I miss him! So I just need to make it through this last sememster. He seems pretty tired these days though. He really does so much for us. I really appreciate him!

I am just doing a few projects here and there. And reading the Inheritance series, I am on Eldest (#2). I also am working on Maddie's Halloween costume. Catching up on some crocheting. And trying to survive my busy schedule! But I really enjoy watching Maddie learn new things and watching Livie learn her new things also. I am so grateful for my little family!! My girls are so much fun!! And David is the best!!! What more can I ask for?


Matt and Alissa said...

Wow, your little girls are getting so big! I can't believe how grown up Maddie is getting. They are so cute! Yeah for last semester! That is so wonderful. I hope you do something fun to celebrate. I recommend a little mini-vacation.

Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor & Kylie said...

How fun for Maddie to start all these new things....I think when Kylie starts preshool I will try to find something like what Maddie is in. Connor started soccer this year is fun to watch isn't it. I wish I had a fraction of their energy. Can't wait for New Moon!!!!!