Friday, August 21, 2009

My Obsession...My Birthday Present

I still have not covered all my summer fun. This has to be the busiest summer yet. But let me tell you about July 14th. I went to the....American Idol Concert. Yes I am a uber nerd and I have no problem with my obsession with it either. I accept it and embrace it.

Every year I go to the concert. And every year it is my birthday present from David. Its a month early but I enjoy every minute of it. We even flew to L.A., when they didn't come to Utah a few years back(and I had no idea I was going till we were at the airport- he blindfolded me). I know what your thinking, but you know I have to have some sort of obsession. And this is mine! Poor David has to endure this obsession and has to be dragged to this once a year concert.

Like any tickets that we buy, David always ends up winning some on the radio. So we invited Mel and Chelton to join us. Mel really liked Kris Allen, and she also told me she has all his songs on her playlist. A fellow AI nerd!!! And Chelton had to be dragged along, but he had David.

And this year was just as fun! I was looking forward to this year. I really enjoyed many of the contestants. I had no idea who I wanted to win until we got closer to it. My favorites were Kris Allen, Matt Girard, and Danny Gokey. I liked the others except Jorge Nunez (thank goodness he was the first to go).

Danny Gokey sang the normal ballads and a few songs from the show. I enjoyed him! Matt Girard was so entertaining, and he sang the Frey song "I found god." I loved it!!! He really knows how to entertain a crowd. And what new can be said about Kris Allen. He really was good!!! I loved his songs! They were all good!!! I always call him my Accoustic rocker! The higher the placing the more people cheered. Kris got the loudest reception, I mean the place just exploded. And surprisingly, they cheered louder than Adam!

There was one I was pleasantly surprised about. Scot McIntyre, he really did well. On the show I always thought he sounded like Micheal Bolton (I am not knocking on him, but its a few decades to late). Like he was in the wrong era! But at the conert he really seemed current. And I loved his piano duet with Matt Girard.

The others did well, but these were the ones I remembered the most. Oh Lil Rounds, she sang "Single Ladies" and that is a favorite of Maddie's. So we recorded it for her! And she loved it! Allison was really heavy in the rock area, but I did like it- it suited her. Adam did well, I didn't really like his songs though.

I hope that Matt Girard does well in the future and Kris Allen as well!!!! I had a great time and what a great birthday present. My voice was hoarse for awhile, but well worth it. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Matt and Alissa said...

So did you go to L.A. this time? Or was that a different year? Sounds like a blast. I am so glad you have something fun like that to look forward to each year. Bonus points to David!

The Spendlove Family said...

It's about time you posted about was really fun and looking back on the pics it makes me want to go again. You got a lot better pics than I did. I agree with everything you wrote here about everyone. It was fun and if next year is as good as this year I might have to go again. Yeah for fellow uber-nerds!!!!