Friday, July 17, 2009

Roaming the Wasatch Front with My Family

This is our lovely ride, with some unfortunate person sitting next to Maddie, we found him and took him in- how could we not feel pity for him. I stayed in the back the whole trip, and so did Livs, except the last day. We were the back seat dwellers.

So the week before I went to Jackson. My family, Alyssa's, had our own little "stay-cation." My dad rented a mini van, so we all can fit into one vehicle. We then roamed the Wasatch Front for the week even made a trip to Logan and the Last Golden Spike Monument (so Katherine and Ivan could play for a few days). It was a family trip before my little bro went on his mission. (Just for a fair warning this is going to be a long post, but lots of pictures!)

Our first adventure took us to Garland, to pick up my sis and her little babe, Ivan. We then trucked us all in the mini van to the Last Golden Spike Monument. We left so late that we made it to the last train driving away. The visitors center was opened for a half hour longer. So we got to walk around and see the stuff. But it was just nice to be outside and roaming around. You have to excuse my lack of pictures at the monument. I just didn't want to lug the camera and a baby.

The next day we got ourselves out the door quicker. First my family came and got me, and then we made the trip to Garland. And we picked up Kits and Ivan. Well we had to wait for Kits, so we roamed around Garland and looked at what little there really was in Garland. I added a pic of downtown Garland, cruising main. Yeah! Even my mom nerded out while we were in the van roaming. Sorry, I never caught her on camera, but I tried.

After we got Kits and Ivan. We made our way to Logan. We first went to a cheese factory where I bought some yummy pepper jack cheese, exciting isn't it!!! We then hung out at the Logan temple, which was cool. Now keep in mind we had a newborn with us and so we didn't do much just hung out. We were at the temple for awhile, Kits had to feed Ivan. we did try to get an ice cream at Aggie's Ice Cream but something went down and they were closed. Then we had dinner and then made the trip back to Garland, then home. Not much was accomplished but we did it together.

The next day, I made my way down to Salt Lake and met my family at their house. Then Chad, Spencer, and I became the back seat dwellers. And Livs and Mads hung out in the middle, and the usual mom and dad up front. We went to this is the place monument. Which was pretty cool. I went there a long time ago, back when I was a kid. So it was all new to me. It was quite hot that day, but I came prepared (amazingly none of my girls got even a small sunburn from this trip). The pioneers were amazing people, and what they went through to get to this valley is nothing short of amazing. we had train rides to the different places. And we also got to roam around Brigham's Farm Home, which was cool. We even tried on hats in the candy store!


Rowley's said...

How fun! I love spending time with family, there is nothing better. If you went to the Gosner's cheese factory it is just a few minutes away from our house. Aubrey ask to go there all the time because she know we will by her some chocolate milk and cheese. So since you're suppose to have my life, but three weeks later, are you going to join on me in this "fun" of having a third child? Crazy!!! I still don't know what to think about all of this, but feel free to join in so I have someone to vent to. Okay, just kidding but beware I might vent anyway : )

Matt and Alissa said...

That looked like a fun 'stay-cation'. Your little brother isn't little anymore. Is he still in the MTC? Thanks for the pictures. I bet Dave was really jealous he missed out.