Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackson/Grand Tetons

We went on a trip to Jackson at the end of May. we west with my in-laws, but they only stayed a weekend :(. But we still had lots of fun with them.

Maddie loved the Park right by the place we were staying at. She couldn't get enough of the park.

We made a trek up to Yellowstone Park. Maddie really didn't get too into it like I thought she would. She had her nose covered the whole time (except when we were in the car!). I tried to blame the smell on dad (hee!hee!), but Maddie always got upset at me for even mentioning it- she said she knew it was the geysers and not dad. We were lucky enough to be walking around Old Faithful Basin when Beehive went off right there (I have never seen it- weird since I have seen many big ones go off). My dad would love the guy who was walking up and down the trails to tell everyone that Beehive was about to go off- a fellow Yellowstone expert. we also checked out Biscuit Basin because a month before a thermal explosion (according to my dad- its rare and the last one was in the 70s) went off at Black Opal Pool. So we took some pictures for him to compare to the ones he has.

We then spent the rest of our time in the area of Jackson. Maddie and I had some Mommy/Daughter time, just me and her. we went and asw "Up." She gets so into these movies! She almosted started to cry at one point, I explained to her that its a Disney Movie and they always end happy.

We mostly just hung out with no real agenda. It rained alot so not much swimming happened. But we got some in, with Maddie loving it. Livie even enjoyed floating around, as long as someone was holding her, she did not like the floaty. We ate at Bubbas, one of our favorites there. We also had birthday cake with Bouncy Grandma.

The Grand Tetons were beautiful. I want to do more exploring next time. This was the first time in the park, I loved Jenny Lake. This trip was fun, but I was worn out at the end of it. Vacations are so different with kids, but I wouldn't have it anyother way.


Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor and Kylie said...

Sounds like fun....Garrett and your dad would get a long great. He thinks of himself as a Yellowstone expert and is only 7. They are excited to go in August.

Matt and Alissa said...

What a fun trip! It looks like you guys were pretty lucky at Yellowstone. I love seeing your pictures.

Mom said...

I love your pictures and you all looked like you were having fun!