Monday, January 12, 2009


So this took like three weeks for me to post, but I have no excuses except my life is in fast forward and I do this as I can. Plus I am also not very smart, we got most of christmas on video and only a few pictures. I am just not thinking anymore, must be the mom gene.

Well we had a good christmas. Maddie came in yelling "Santa came, Santa came." She did this at first light, I just got done feeding Olivia, and was hoping to get 20 more minutes. But we got up with her and Livie never fell back asleep so she joined in on the festivities. Which was fun.

Maddie had to help everyone open their presents. She got some clothes from us, and I made her a few cinderella pillowcases for her new pillow- from Mom and Dad. Santa gave her a computer keyboard from fisher-price, wii game (wii music), and her stocking had all the normal stuff- hygene products (tradition from growing up- once again must be the mom gene!) and a few treats (she is already wired so we toned down the treat department). Livie got some toys and clothes from mom and dad and Santa. Her stocking had fruit puffs, socks, and other necessities.

David got a beard trimmer (which his old one died three days before christmas, Maddie was with him when it died and she told him that it will be okay just wait till christmas- she can't keep a secret), and Homer slippers (which he killed his other ones and really missed them, so I had to replace it). Santa brought him his stocking with all the hygene necessities also, with a memory card for his MP3 player. Also he got a star wars wii game.

I got a small MP3 player to clip on me, so I can wear it around. I also got a wii game, big brain academy (is santa telling me that I need to get smarter). Santa also brought the family, which I was surprised about myself, Wii Fit (MP3 player comes in handy for this), Apples to Apples, big fuzzy King Size blanket, Dvd player for the car (since my kids do not like to be in their carseats longer than a trip to the store- this will help when we go to the grandparents, and we won't hear the crying- not livie yet but when we turn her around she can stop crying also).

We stayed home most the day on Christmas (which is our first year doing this). We will not drive all over on christmas. Christmas Eve we spent with my family and visited David's family on Christmas day. A nice relaxing day, no missed naps and no big melt downs (well not as bad melt downs as if we went all over).
Oh and the gift that trumped them all, which is fun for the kids but where the heck can we put it in our house. A Jumper with a bunch of balls. But we found a spot in Maddie's room. The pictures will show you what I mean. They love this, Livie likes it for a minute but she likes the balls.


Stephanie and Co. said...

That ball thing looks so fun! You got some great pictures.

Matt and Alissa said...

What a fun Christmas?! It sounded like a great one. I love Wii Fit. Lucky!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I love the gifts the people give...that don't have children. My sister always gives you the BIG craft projects like a stone making kit. ;)