Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

I promised to have this up sooner, but I did it finally. For family home evening we made our own gingerbread houses. We invited Dave's parents to join in the festivities. What fun homes we made. Here we are at work:

My little house looks like a very colorful home. This picture was taken pre-Maddie fun (the photo with all three homes is after maddie got to it). Maddie thought my front yard need her touch. Which I had to go and get Livvie ready for bed, so she helped me.

Maddie's home has its own style. She really got into her house. She spent alot of time on it and did a great job. She made it her own.

Bouncy Grandma's house had a licorice bow in the front and lattice roof (much better than mine):

Bouncy Grandpa's house has a red chimney and well put together home (he had a bit of trouble at the start, but it all came together at the end):

This is the back of his home, look at the window in the back:

Now I saved David for last, because he was the decorator of the night (his dad was a close 2nd). He really worked hard on it:

And if you look close he even made a christmas tree,inpsired by grandpa, in the front yard, next to his beautiful walkway:

It was tons of fun! And i believe that bouncy grandma and grandpa had fun, I know that they even have theirs under a spotlight (grandpa seemed very proud his). Here is David's, Mine (after Maddie), and Maddie's finished:

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

You guys are a bunch of creative people! =) Looks like fun. Maybe next year I'll get motivated to do it again. I'm on the every other year plan. lol

Shawna said...

HEY ALYSSA!!! It's Shawna! I can't believe you have TWO little girls now! Oh how time flies! I found your blog from David's facebook profile...yes I'm a stalker! I'm totally going to add you to my blogger list, hope you don't mind :) We really need to catch up, we still reminisce about the good ol' times of Com Dev!

Matt and Alissa said...

Those are so cute. How fun! I bet Maddie had a blast. Her hair is so cute. I noticed that Livvie has the same dress as Belle. Twinners! I hope you are coming on Saturday to Carols.

Shawna said...
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