Monday, January 19, 2009

My Big Sewing Projects

Normally I don't post these things but I am so proud of my newly acquired sewing skills. I am slowly building my projects up. My first was sew blankets for corcheting, which was tough at first but now it can be done in a few minutes. So I felt I needed a challenge, and I want to start making something for my girls for christmas each year. Last year i made a Strawberry Shortcake blanket for maddie.

And this year I made Maddie fleece pillowcases for her new pillow ( she picked out the material at the store for me- Cinderella, of course, her obsession!). I know, I know- wow pillowcases they are the easiest things out there. But I want to build my confidence up, not swear at my sewing machine trying a tough project. And they turned out amazing (I made two). I am proud of my work.

Now this last week I decided to try another project. Which Livie was growing out of her fleece sleepsacks (store bought), and the next size up is cotton. I don't want to switch to cotton till it warms up. So I have been looking at buying new ones for the next couple of months. And I really can't afford 2-3 sleepsacks at $20-$25 (some more) a piece. So I got online and found a pattern/instructions. And tried it out! And I made two sleepsacks for $10 (fleece was on clearance and zippers were 50% off). So that made me feel frugal on the money side, and like a crafty on the sewing side. And I never have done zippers before, and even though they aren't perfect they do what they are supposed to and my second time trying is even better.

So in conclusion, I would just like to say I have made mistakes and had to unpick some parts of the sleepsacks, the pillowcases were a sinch- no unpicking there. And consulting my mom about each project and having her walk me through it before I attempted it (thanks mom!). I feel like I am getting better on my newly budding sewing skills.


Stephanie and Co. said...

That is impressive. She looks so comfy. Have you thought about making giant adult-size sleepsacks? :)

Matt and Alissa said...

Way to go, Boohead! I need to get me a sewing machine someday. Although, I don't know if I would really use it. I like to think I would. They look great! You should make next those new "nursing aprons" that are all the rage. If you do, I will buy the materials and have you make me one too.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I wish that this was something that I was talented enough to do, but I can't even make a pillow case...soo good on ya!
Those "nursing aprons" ARE all the rage...You could make some sweet dolla's makin' all these cool things!