Friday, March 4, 2011

It's March Already... (WARNING:Super Long Post) I am way slacking at this point (I don't give myself much hope in May after the baby is born. poop!). I have not caught up on my usual posts. These are my favorite but I will have to condense them. Christmas was fun and exciting we got all sorts of goodies, mostly on the technology side (wii games, new digital camera, etc.). And Santa is very practical, the usual socks, clothes, toothpaste/toothbrush, hair things, and other toiletries. But a good balance!!! The girls also got a bunk-bed for Christmas, since they will be sharing a room together (we decided to do it now so they will be used to it when we have the baby). We also have the girls make homemade presents for the grandparents and teachers, this year we made magnets. Livie made her own scribbles and Maddie drew pictures of what she thought they liked and a picture of them (like Snapper Grandpa got a train). Then we bought adhesive magnets and stuck them on then cut them out. Maddie and Livie did most of it but I mostly cut them out because it "made her tired." (Maddie's words)! But they turned out so cute.

And we even had our annual gingerbread house making, this year we had Bouncy Grandma and Grandpa attend (we try and do this the first Sunday of December). The funnest part is the creativity everybody has, especially when we cheat (we used a hot glue gun this year to glue the house together, but the boys- the Davids (Grandpa and Dad) used it on other projects around their house). I will have to post them and see if you can tell what icing can do compared to what the hot glue gun does. But it was fun! I actually mostly ate candy rather than be on the creative side- mine was simple but worth all that cotton candy I ate, and sour stars, and more cotton candy.

January was our get back into a rhythm and back to reality. I like January for that reason, which translates to really boring. February is our "restless, itchy" month. I noticed the girls were dieing to go outside and play with outside toys (bikes, scooters, soccer, games). We had a few of those nice days, but the weather was crazy- you never knew. And on the cold days we stayed inside, I don't like to freeze, I am a wussy. They are the craziest of kids and really wild so I am hoping for a warm March.

For Valentines Day we made heart crayons for her class. Which turned out amazing! I have been wanting to do this for awhile, I found the idea in Family Fun Magazine a year or two ago. I have broken crayons and they just keep piling up, and I couldn't get myself to throw them out because they still had life left in them. So this was the year, we wiped out my massive supply of broken, worn-out, and neglected crayons and made heart shaped ones for her class and teachers. I then did a quick google to see what I could attach them too and found this awesome template for cards. Maddie and I peeled the paper off, Olivia and Maddie put the pieces in the heart shaped molds. And I cooked them, then we attached them to the card. Ta-da! Gotta love this face:

I have not really announced my pregnancy but have alluded to it a few times. So here is my announcement. We are going to have a baby at the end of May, just in time for Maddie to be done with school. And we are having a Boy, which is a big deal around here. We have two little girls and David has 4 sisters and no brothers. I don't even know if he knows what to do with boys, j/k! The bad thing about this is I need to get boy things now, so I feel almost like I am a new mom again. New clothes, blankets, boy toys, etc.!! But we are super excited and hope we can survive 3 kids, our man-to-man defense is working, now we have to switch to a zone (scary). Names are hard as well, the girls were quick but boy names are not coming this time. And I do have to say Boy pregnancies for me are super easier then my girls were, no throwing up, I could eat more things, I didn't have that bad of morning sickness (I still had it but it wasn't as intense), I wish I could say smells still weren't too bad or that I could not breath fire (heartburn) but those still have been intense. But we are excited and can't wait.

Hope I can keep this updated, at least till we have the baby. Then I make no promises! P.S. I will post the gingerbread house pictures now:

David's (notice the licorice rope hanging in-between the candy cane posts-not icing):

Bouncy Grandma's (notice the yummy cotton candy-mmm):

Mine (I got mine done quick so I could eat the candy):

Olivia's (she was more concerned about eating the icing and treats then sticking them on):

Bouncy Grandpa (who would have thought Grandpa was so creative):

Maddie's (she worked on hers the longest, even grandma and grandpa left before she was done):


Melanie said...

I love the heart crayons. My mom told me about them..they turned out so cute and fun. What a fun alternative to the tons of candy they always get. I bet the other mom's loved getting them. I love the breathing fire reference...that made me laugh out loud and I know what you mean about smells. There are certain soaps I still can't use because of being pregnant. I look at all these pics of your girls all dressed up and I laugh at you having a boy now and how different it will will be spiderman capes now. ha ha ha you guys will have so much fun. Shopping for boy stuff is fun. it was the opposite for me. After two boys it was so fun to turn pink. My mom and dad were so proud to show off their gingerbread houses. My dad thought his was the best!!! Cute post!!!

Matt and Alissa said...

Wow, you did have a lot to cover. Those are some super cute girls you have. Those gingerbread houses were pretty awesome. That is an awesome tradition. I might have to borrow that idea some time. We don't have many traditions and I need all the ideas I can use. Those crayons are an awesome idea. I think all of the crayons in our house are broken and it is so annoying. I just might have to borrow that idea as well.