Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My little girl, the baby of the family (for now). She is my little lovey girl. She is super sensitive to loud noises and wind. She loves to follow her sister in almost everything she does, she loves Maddie to pieces.

She is scared of bugs and spiders. We have to pick her up and bring her in the house if there is a bug on our door. The daddy long legs scare her the most, she freezes and won't move if she sees him. Silly girl!

She likes to sit and cuddle with you during a movie (well as long as its only 30 minutes, she loses interest in movies). She will caress your face when you are sad or comes in a sleeps with you in the morning). She has to hug and kiss the baby in my tummy about 10 times a day. She says the baby likes to be scratched and patted as well. She even tries to feed the baby (my tummy) her rolls or lunches. She is such a caring and loving little girl.

I thought that maybe this little red head won't have the independence, stubbornness, and fiestiness that they almost always have. She used to be my quiet, shy, and observant baby, and as she got to being a toddler she really blossomed. She has to undress herself before bath (no helping or she gets mad), she has to have things done the way she wants them or she will take matters into her own hand, and she doesn't like it when you help her say her prayers at night (which usually means she blesses the food 5 times). She is still extremely shy with strangers, but she does warm up pretty quickly!

She was a big mama's girl, but now she tends to flock to her dad when he is home. Even in the morning if David is home she will fight over with Maddie where they will lay next to dad. Good thing I have a body pillow or I will feel quite lonely.

I love this little girl we have been blessed with (and my little Maddie as well). What cute girls we have.

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Melanie said...

She sure is a sweetie. My kids still talk about how funny she is on the 12 days of cousins and how funny she was clapping her hands. She is so fun to watch and wonder what she will do next.