Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Joys of April Showers

We have had plenty of weird weather this last month. And I have to say that our lives have been a bit on the weird side. Easter was the same time as Conference which was weird for me, because the girls never wore there dresses. And the week after was Stake Conference, so we had a few weeks to wait. But Easter was fun and we had plenty of egg hunts, treats, toys, and sugar highs. But we still remembered that Easter was about Christ and his Resurrection, which I am so grateful for.

Madelyn is having so much fun at preschool. She asked me if her school friends will be with her in Kindergarten and I told her that they won't and she was so upset. I told her that she will make new friends and have fun like she is having now. I don't know if it helped, she moved on after our talk. But I am sad that she is going to be gone to all day Kindergarten. Its just like nursery, I will probably cry a bit. I am happy for her though. To learn and grow!

Olivia is my little Red Monster. I mean that in a good way! She is all emotions, and driven by them. But its good, she really lets me know how she feels. She also loves to be a Maddie copy, always doing exactly what she does. And when we say prayers, she always has to make sure we bless "Chad-Chad" when we pray for Grandmas and Grandpas. And every time we talk about any Grandma or Grandpa she always adds in "Chad-Chad." When we have dinner at my parents she makes sure Chad sits next to her. I love it! She is so "lovey" and hugy and kissy. My little love bug!

I have been really enjoying this spring. I feel like myself finally. I go running a few times a week and workout the other days. If I don't I really don't do well, I am almost cranky. I also have been reading all sorts of books. I don't think I can get enough of reading. I read everything I can. Right now I am reading "Count of Monte Cristo- Alexander Dumas." I love this book!!!! It is very long but I am loving it. I also started the Percy Jackson Books. I like them and the whole Greek Gods idea. Its a good twist, and I start to remember the stories from school of the Gods. And how the Gods are in the present, is genius! I still have 2 books left of the "House of Night" series. I think I am official hooked to these series. And to even book-nerd me out more, my mom gave me her nice hard copy of "Persuasion-Jane Austen." My favorite of the Austen novels, now I have my own copy. I could go on forever about my nerdy books, but I will stop now.

David has been home more lately, and we are loving it. We love that he is home and able to play all morning. I also get time to go out and run too. But we just love him being home and the girls think he is the best (I am slowly losing my mommy's girl, I already lost my first born to him!). He graduated in December but he walks on Friday, May 7th. I am so proud of him! The college grad, which was a long hard road but we survived it. I love him so much!

Plus it was his birthday a bit ago. He is 31 years old, man it sure must blow to be in your thirties. I don't know yet, I still have few months left of my 20s. We went to the movies with the girls to celebrate. We watch "How to Train a Dragon." Which was very good! And to make it better Olivia sat through the whole movie and kept her 3D glasses on (both are a big feat, and means that she really loved the movie). They keep talking about the movie and playing it out. It was great!

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Melanie said...

Wow 31....oldie...tell him I said that for me okay? I'm glad he gets to be around more. That is more fun for you. I can't believe Maddie will be starting Kindegarten and Connor too...Livie is so cute...we talk about that all the time...how easy and calm she is and lovie. My mom says how easy she is to watch and fun. I hear ya on the books. Those Percy Jackson's are fun. Keep sending good books my way!!!