Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March...What can I say?

Wow March has been a fun one. Busy with all sorts of things to do almost every weekend and then we got struck with sickness. But as you can see we all survived.

David had spring break this last weekend. And we enjoyed him home, but he had some kind of stomach bug that kept him down and missed work also. Too bad! Maddie didn't mind though, as long as her dad was home with her she was happy. He is now back to school and working, maddie is always asking me if dad is coming home soon. He also won tickets to Monsters Vs. Aliens movie pass to the commons this last weekend (he wins everything- I got a massage last month). He went with Mads and my little bro and my mom (I was suppose to go but Livs got sick). It was even 3-D!

I have been running around! I swear I had something to finish each week. My sister had her baby shower, which I was the man power (my mom provided the money). So I got it all put together- I even made the invites (no pics sorry). That is big for the not-so-creative one! We don't play the silly games , so I just had to get the food ready. I also had to get a bunch of blankets done for my sister and my neighbor who is having twins. I also had a bright idea to make easter dresses for my girls. After many nights of un-picking and figuring out different ways to destroy my sewing machine- Livvie's dress is done (I'll post pics when I get both of them done). Maddie's is underway, I have three weeks cross your fingers.

Maddie is being the normal 3 year old self. She is throwing me curve balls all day, and I think I handle most of them alright. But she is also a little sponge. The other day I was playing Mario Kart Wii and I was doing a time trial. She asked me "why the freak are you doing that crap?" And I have to admit I do say freak and crap alot, so it is me! But I had to laugh- my little clone! We have been learning to write and she is getting so good at it. Each day we do it her writing looks better. I was looking back and it really has improved. I am so proud of her. She is also a puzzle maniac. She puts together all her puzzles at least once a day (she has 7 puzzles and two of them are 63 small pieces). I know when she is putting them together because she is in her room just singing primary songs to her self and telling herself stories. She also goes to the ball about 3 times or more a day. I can't go because I am not single, I have my own prince (I love my prince). Thats what she tells me. She goes to the ball with her prince (mickey) on her couch (her coach) -pic below.

Livvie is my little curious 10 month old. She has been down the last few days (my arms are in pain and sore). But today she has been her old self most of the time. Trying to figure anything and everything out. She still won't let me read to her, but she will talk to herself while she is flipping the pages. I guess she doesn't need anyone to tell her a story she knows it already (must be the red hair). I got her pictures done a few weeks ago, and she was so mesmerized by the camera that she never smiled. She also doesn't smile for strangers even if we are there trying to help make her smile. My little observant baby! They did capture her little personality. She is also at the stage where our food is looking good. She has put a stand to not eating baby food at lunch. I don't know why lunch, but she has to eat lunch with Maddie and eat "big human food." That is what Maddie calls her finger food. At dinner I have to share some of my food with her or she will go on strike until she gets a bite.

My little girls sure keeps me on my toes, but they are so much fun! When they play together they make eachother laugh. Maddie can really get Livs to laugh hard. I can't help but laugh with them. My two little blessings! Being a mom is awesome!


Matt and Alissa said...

Beckett didn't like being read to either, until like a month ago. I couldn't get him to look at a book with me to save me. But now he will at least sit still for a few pages and asks me to read to him. That is such a big difference. And Anabelle doesn't like baby food much either. Crazy! I wonder if it is a 2nd child thing.

The Spencer Family said...

Alyssa..your girls are getting big :) Where are you all living at???? I'll be home in two months -a I am so excited!!