Monday, September 22, 2008

My Obsession, and my excuse!

So I have a little obsession that has been consuming my every moment after the kids go to bed (which also explains why I have not written anything for my blog). I have been reading, well I finished, the twilight books. I loved them all! I really liked the fourth book! I went to bed mad a few times, but I got over it after I read more later.

I was reading them every minute I could but I really was a bit negligent of the kids. So I forced myself to read only when they went to sleep for the night. And that really didn't help either because I was thinking about what happened and what will happen the whole day anyways. I even, I hate to admit, dreamed about them the whole time I read them. I am such a dweeb!

I am rereading the books because I was so caught up in the action that I missed details, I would have a book read in 2-3 days (mind you I only read 2-3 hours at night) and feel that I missed the small things. So now I have started over, and I also read midnight sun (till it ran out!) right along with twilight. It was cool to read what they each were thinking.

I just wish that she would finish midnight sun, stupid person who ruined it for all of us. Well just thought I would add another excuse to my list of why I have been bad with our blog!

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Matt and Alissa said...

Feel you dog! I loved the last book too. I haven't started Midnight sun yet though. I hope to get on that soon. How are you guys doing these days? We should get together and go to a park sometime.