Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday

I wanted to do a seperate post for Maddie's birthday. We had a small party with the grandparents to celebrate her 3rd birthday. She got a lot of neat things. She got her own digital camera (so now she will leave ours alone), chalk/dry erase/crayon coloring esal, crafting kit, money to buy clothes, a few puzzles and a puzzle game (she likes to match the different objects in the game), and chutes and ladders. She wanted strawberry shortcake (which is also her dad's favorite cake too) and Strawberry ice cream. So you can tell what maddie likes to eat. She also wanted the Disney Princesses for her theme. As we were putting out the table cloth she told me, "look mom, Ariel is human." I laughed, and I know that she meant that she was not a mermaid anymore. But I thought it was funny!

we were sitting at the table after church eating lunch, and you can tell she was thinking about something. And then it looked like something just clicked in her head, and she said, " I am three now!" For so long she has been telling everyone that she will be three on her birthday, and she finally realized that it was her birthday now. I thought that was cute! It amazes me how fast she has grown, my little Maddie is three, wow time flies.

Maddie makes me laugh with all the funny things that she says daily. She sure brings alot of sunshine in our life. She is a true blessing to have in our family. And she is such a great big sister.

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