Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter Fun

I just got time to put up some easter pictures. Our digital camera is being fixed, so we had to use our video camera (which is not the best quality, but what can you do). Well Easter was great, Maddie really liked the whole easter egg hunt thing.

We dyed eggs in the morning so Dad could be there since he works evenings. So that is why her hair is almost bed head. She had so much fun dyeing the eggs. She had to color on each of the eggs. Each egg at the beginning had to be a sesame street character. Then she just named the eggs. She loved it! And was not happy when the eggs ran out. I am posting a few pictures through out this post of the egg-dyeing time.

The day before easter we went to my parents, Trimbles, for a hunt. Which was just Maddie (the only grandchild)! After we found the eggs in the yard she wanted to find them again. She was more into the finding then what was in them. She had lots of fun! We then just spent the day with them.

Easter day was a bit chaotic in the morning. The bunny came and hid her basket and some more eggs (since she loves to find eggs). She was cute! She really didn't know where to look for her basket, since we saw if before her we gave her some clues. But she was real excited when she found it. The easter bunny left her a bunch of candy to share with mom and dad, coloring book, backyardigans DVD, stickers, peeps (yum!), and a few odds and ends.

After that I made our traditional "eggs al a golden rod." Which is a breakfast that my dad's side of the family has made on easter for a few generations now. It isn't extravagant, just white sauce with cut up egg whites from the hard boiled eggs. And you put that over broken up bread, then smoosh a yolk through a wire colander over the top. I love it, and so does David, but Maddie just wanted the bread part. We will have to see if she likes this tradition or not. But then we went to church, and amazingly enough Maddie let me put her hair into pigtails (which is not a common thing- I have learned not to fight over hair it is not worth the time or the frustration of trying to get her to hold still.). But then the rest of the day we just hungout together, which was nice.

We went to David's parents, Girardos, the following Saturday, March 29th, for another easter egg hunt and a dinner. She was way excited the whole day to go for another egg hunt. She enjoyed the hunt, dad helped her get the eggs. Since it is a mad rush to get the eggs. But she liked it, afterwards we just had dinner with everyone. So you could say we had a fun easter.

Just as a side note, I am about a 1.5 months from being done, I am on a countdown now. I am ready to get this pregnancy done with. I want to sleep on my tummy again and get comfy again, and get the first 6 weeks under my belt.

Hope everyone had a happy easter.

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