Monday, March 3, 2008

Update of Last Month

It has been awhile since I have updated our blog. This last month has been a very filled one. Not of any importance! Just a bunch of sickness and running around doing errands. We all had the stomach flu 2 weeks ago. Yuck! That was tough! We were suppose to go to a mission farewell for my sister's friend (who is like a brother, we adopted him!). But instead we were up all night long with throw-up.

And then we are smart and have to get both our vehicles registered in the same month. And the last snow storm, my windshield developed a crack and it was on the drivers side, which means we had to replace it. I really don't understand it but I have to always get my windshield replaced. I can't go more than 2 years without a windshield problem. But we didn't have any thing else. So that is good!

David received a renewal in the mail for his drivers license. I thought I should look at mine. And mine has lapsed! Yeah! I called the place and they told me since it lapsed for more than 6 months I need to take the written test again. I wish I would have looked.

We did have some good things happen though. We are moving stuff out of the third bedroom. So I can get it ready for Maddie. I am going to stencil polka dots, varied sizes, and flowers around her room. I am excited to do that. Then we will get the nursery ready for Olivia after. So that will be a fun project!

Maddie is learning to potty train. She is in Underwear! Yeah! She is doing very well with that. And she loves to go potty! It is like a party every time. She also gets a sticker each time. We have been trying to get her interested for a few months now. But it just happened, she started and hasn't looked back since (we have a few accidents, but that is not a big problem). And we also put her bed on rails, it used to be on the floor. She is growing up way too fast! I really enjoy her, but I would love to slow the growing up down.

Yesterday I wanted to put her in sweatpants after church. She told me, "Mom that is totally not awesome!" We thought it was funny!

I found a picture of our snowman, that I never put up. So here is a picture of Maddie and her snowman. The birds ate the carrot and chocolate eyes within hours of building it. And she was so mad at the birds. I thought it was cute!

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Netters said...

Sounds like your month has been pretty crazy...Have fun with the decorating.