Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Update

Well our computer is not fixed and we can't pull anything off our hard drive yet. But hopefully we can figure something out.

Maddie is just a handful of fun. She is so active that I get worn out just watching her. The other day, Olivia was kicking around and I wanted Maddie to feel. She put her hand on my tummy and Olivia delivered a hard kick. It scared Maddie! Now she won't touch my tummy, unless to give it a hug. She always asks me if Olivia is moving or not.

I am about 6 months along. I am more than half way, yeah! I have now just started to fit into Maternity. I have been in-between for awhile, I called it my fat roll. But now things are starting to fit. Olivia is a mover not much of a kicker/puncher. But when she does kick/punch, man she sure delivers a hard one. Which Maddie was a kicker/puncher, what a difference between the two. I am so worn out by the end of the day, I just crash when David gets home (which is usually around 11 PM).

David is just working right now. He took a break from school, he was becoming very worn-out. But he will start back up in the fall, maybe a class in the summer. So we get to see him all morning long, which we have enjoyed. And all this snow that we are receiving here is just amazing, David thinks he shovels and works and that is his day. Which it seems like. We are starting to run out of room to put our snow. Some piles are taller than David. Maddie is more than waist deep in the snow when she trys to venture into it (Which she wants to do all the time). She eventually gets stuck and we have to get her out of there.

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