Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Girls Room

We have been contemplating how to do the girls room for awhile.  We knew we wanted something bright and alive.  We looked all over the internet for ideas.  And we found the perfect one!  We chose to do bright colored rectangles.  We loved the idea!  So here is the journey we took to create this amazing room for our little nerdlets.  Now keep in mind we spent months doing this, so it was time consuming.  But in our defense we also had Christmas and a Wedding to work around.  Here we go!
We worked as a team at this point.  David marked the walls, and I stuck the tape on the walls.  Since our house was built in 1940s, the walls are not perfect.  So we had to do it by hand and kind of play with it a bit so it looked good.  haha!  Gotta love old homes!!!

We finished the taping, that took forever.  But it was worth it!  I went through and painted a glaze along the tape so the paint wouldn't bleed through.  That was quick!
Now it was all David.  He did the squares one color at a time.  I did however watch the kids so they didn't get the paint, well mainly Sam.  He wanted to be in there.  The girls had to watch some of the time because it was there room.
Finished with tape still on.
Paint tape off and I wanted to show the closet door as well!  I want to move into this room!  It turned out so cool!!!


katherine stephens said...

That looks so amazing I love it! What a cool idea! Ivan said its cool lyssa. I like how you painted a little the door too. Hope your doing good peace out out from your sister

Matt and Alissa said...

That is so awesome! What a fun room! You guys are such awesome parents to have the patience to do that. The doors look amazing too.