Monday, September 6, 2010


So the other day my cousin asked me, what David was like, I don't know him very well. Right on the spot I couldn't think of tangible words to explain who he was. I knew inside but I didn't know how to explain it out loud.

Let me tell you the few things I did tell him. He is very funny! I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't smile or laugh at something he did either on the phone, face to face, or some random text. I also told them that my mom loves him more then me. I am so not kidding about this one. If we got in a wreck my mom would rush to David and then ask me if I was okay. My mom never ever liked any guy I dated, any!!! So when I brought David home to meet my parents, I was a bit worried. But as we know I should not have worried about what my mom thought, I should have worried about how much she would like him. I am currently ranked last on my mom's list, it goes David, the girls, and then poor me. I don't mind it though, I just like to make a fuss!

David is so much more than that. He is such a hard worker and wants to do everything for his little family. While he was in school he had a full time job, 2 part time jobs, and he still managed to keep his grades up and land on the deans list a few times ( the times he missed the list he was sooooo close). Some nights he never got any sleep, and there were many where he would only have a few hours. We never got to see him, but he really does love us.

The girls love him so much. We get to see him more now, but when he was in school there would be days they wouldn't see him. And that was hard on him, and the girls. My oldest, Maddie, would be stuck to him like Velcro when he would be home. She is a daddy's girl through and through. Olivia is more a momma's girl, but don't put it past her to climb all over him and ignore me when he is home. These girls love their daddy!!! At bath time, he lets them "do" his hair with the bubbles and water and shape it. And they climb all over him, run him over, slam him, dog pile him, and he loves it because they are laughing the whole time. They even know the Utes fight song, and are true Ute fans, after their dad.

I married a man that could make me smile and laugh. He was my biggest fan, even when I didn't do too well. He was there to cheer me up and and tell me what I can improve on. When I let him into my life I told him some things I was scared would scare him away, but he didn't even judge me- he listened and stayed. He really truly loved me. But that man I married is no where near the man I have now. He is so much more than that, so much deeper and stronger. I love him more now then ever before. We have 8 years of marriage under our belts, and I love where we are.  We truly are happy and I love to be with him and my girls.

And one of my favorite things about him, are the surprises he gives me.  It all started while we were dating.  He used to do all sorts of surprises.  Some were little and stop by while working an take me to lunch.  And others were bigger like when he took me to Les Mis..  And the best surprise of all was our engagement on Christmas, I had no idea it was coming.  We never even talked about marriage (the one time I brought it up, he actually laughed and changed the subject).  He still pulls surprises for me!  He brings home treats from work, he took me to LA for my birthday to the AI concert, he comes home early from work, or even makes me dinner.  About 1.5 years ago I came home after being gone all day and night (exhausted).  And he had the house cleaned, dinner on the table, and the girls were cleaned up.  I thought that was amazing!  I could go on and on and on with the big and little surprises he gives me.


Melanie said...

Oh...sweet...just glad you took him off our hands. If I were writing this post I would have a few different stories to tell (hahaha) you did get a good guy and he got a good girl too. You guys are such a great couple.

Matt and Alissa said...

Oh cute, our number 3 is all grown-up and no longer shaving the mirror. You both are so great for each other.