Friday, July 23, 2010

Madelyn's Birthday Party

Once again I finally got the time to post Maddie's Birthday Extravaganza. We had her first friend party on Saturday and a family BBQ/Birthday on Sunday. I thought the friend party was so exciting. I asked Maddie what she wanted her theme to be for her birthday and she told me that she wanted a fairy theme. I had a few ideas but the games were hard for me to think of. But thanks to my awesome David, he found some good ones online and thought of another.

First I asked Maddie who she wanted to invite. And I think she would have invited the whole world to her party. But we narrowed it down to 11 girls. She invited her soccer team, her cousin Taylee, her neighbor friends Emily and Avienda, Grace, Presley, and Savannah. One couldn't make it, bummer!

I decided to make tutus for the girls, and felt wands to decorate. Which I got an amazing deal on the Tulle. It turned out that each tutu cost me $2.00 to make. And that is with the elastic as well. I think I did good! Plus they were super easy to make! I just Googled "how to make tutus" and combined a few results. Maddie even got to pick her colors out, she loves the color orange, so that became one of them. And she then picked white and bright pick (for her soccer team! they were pink and black). The wands were simple as well a wooden dowel and I cute out star shapes in stiff felt. Then I sewed the edges together after I glued the stick into the middle. Then I just bought a few things here and there for the decorations and treat bags.

The day of the party, I got a bit nervous to have all those girls over. But I felt the party went really well. We had lunch for them when they got there. They each made their own french bread pizza. And then we got our tutus on. I told them that we needed to become a fairy. And the first thing to do is dress like one. We then decorated the wands, which was another thing to do to become a fairy (the girls were eating this stuff up, I loved how badly they wanted to be a fairy). And then we played the first game, spin the "nail polish" bottle (David's online game). Which we had 5 different colors and spun the bottle. And the girl it landed on we would paint one nail. We would spin till all fingers were covered (it did take awhile so we stopped the game and ended up painting what the girls wanted). Which was another requirement to be a fairy, paint your finger nails. Then we went outside for an obstacle course. We spilt into teams (I told the girls that we need to keep active as fairies). That game went well.

We then went in and decorated our cupcakes with "fairy dust (colored sugar)" and frosting. Then we sang to Madelyn and eat the cupcakes (the ice cream sandwiches were sent home with them, because we ran out of time). And opened presents, then the parents took the kids home. Busy but it kept them all going and not bored.


Matt and Alissa said...

What a fun party! Such good ideas. I might have to barrow them in the future.

DaNette said...

What a fun party! You guys are so cute and brave to have over 11 girls!! But it sounds like it was a success and so much fun! Happy Birthday Maddie!

Melanie said...

How fun...what fun ideas. Might have to borrow your ideas when Kylie starts having parties.