Monday, June 21, 2010

Did we get May Flowers or more rain?

So the weather has been crazy! And so has May been for me. We had a few birthdays, a wedding, a dance recital, a few soccer games, and a few odds and ends during the month. My life is going crazy, and it is leaking into June.

Maddie just finished her preschool. My little girl finished her first year of school. We had her preschool graduation last week. And she sang a few songs and had a few refreshments. And we picked up all her stuff from the school. Now we need to sort and save our favorites, there is a ton!!! Maddie also had her last soccer game on Kitty's wedding, we are going to miss everyone from her team (hopefully we can get them on our team again). Maddie is going to have her birthday party soon, should be a bunch of fairy fun. Maddie also had her dance recital a few weeks back, and thanks to my mom, she looked so cute for it too. She was in a purple tutu, how could you go wrong with purple. I am going to get her video up soon! Maddie is so upset that Dance, Soccer, and school is done. What to do? I don't know, but we will have to keep active. She changes her clothes at least 5 times a day, puts about 6 different clips in her hair, and her shoes keep changing too. This girl makes me dizzy! But I wouldn't trade her for anyone else!

Olivia turned 2 this month! My baby is so not a baby anymore. She is my big toddler girl! I will post her birthday later. She is talking in sentences and following whatever her sister does. The best times are when they are laughing their heads off at each other. I could sit and listen to that all day! I love it! She is so a red head, she is getting to be very independent. Always wanting to do her way not mommy's. She has to say the prayers, she has comb her hair, she has use a fork not fingers, she has to climb up herself, she has to climb out herself, and the best of all she tells me "Peek-a-Boo do it!" She calls her self that! She also loves to do"hair" and give all sorts of kisses and hugs and face caresses. My little lovey girl!
I have been quite a busy bee myself. I made my girl's jackets and sashes for their flower girl dresses. Which was a fun adventure, if anyone says "Chiffon" to me I will scream. I hate that material. It took me like 2.5 weeks just to make the sashes, granted that wasn't the only thing that I worked on during that time, but still maybe a week tops. I had to put a liner in it to make it stiffer for when I tie it in a bow, and since it looked like I was drunk when I cut the material (another fun moment- the material is very slippery and flimsy so it wasn't easy to pin and cut) that made for a fun time getting the pieces to work together. But I did it and the jackets were quite fast to make. I think they turned out great, and they looked so cute (I didn't take pictures at the wedding because I totally spaced it, maybe Katherine will let me borrow some of hers).

My other past time was a whole bunch of reading! What a great stress reliever for me. I can just escape for a half hour and enjoy myself. I am listening to the Count of Monte Cristo, still, but I usually only listen to it when my hands are busy (sewing, crocheting, making tutus, etc.). And I love this book, even though it is so long, I love it!!!! I have read quite a few books this last month. I finished the Percy Jackson books, what a great last book. I really enjoyed it!! Greek Gods and the Modern World-who would have ever put them together. I recommend those books! I am almost caught up on House of Night series, which I am reading the new one now. Its a bit strange but I am enjoying it. My next book adventure, Great Expectations- I have never read this and my mom gave it to me for Christmas. I am excited for this one! Its been awhile since I have read a classic, and I love those books!

David has been just as busy as ever this month. He is just working and working, with the occasional basketball game. Which we enjoy to go watch! He has been listening to his book obsession "Wheel of Time" series. The 12th one just came out, and since he is a nerd, he decided to start from the start, which I think has a few prequels before the first book. And after a few months, he has finally started the 12th book. And David had another Birthday, he turned 31! What an old man, heehee! And he graduated this month even though he was done in December, he walked in May. My parents, David's parents, the girls and I watched him get his diploma (I got all teary-eyed knowing that for now we are done- we survived this, maybe a masters later). Then we went to Chili's after (Cajun Chicken Pasta- yum!!!)We are so proud of him!!!

We also ran the Race for the sure with my mom and David's sister. I brought the stroller and we pushed the girls. They got out a few times and ran. We really just took our time, and made our way to the finish. It was fun, running with my mom and the girls and David. We didn't see Mandee until the finish, but it was a good day.

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Matt and Alissa said...

I completely agree that you can't go wrong with purple. That does sound like a busy month. I hope this month slows down for you.