Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer BBQ

I know I posted about this a little while ago, but it is getting closer. I put a post on the Fremont Class of '97 Facebook page. July 18th will be the fateful day. It is going to be for everyone, not just the usual clan. Since we didn't have a 10 year reunion, this, I hope, will do. I know there are probably a ton of people I don't know of that have a blog, so spread the word. It'll probably be around 5 or 5:30. I will post the location in a little while. Let me know if you plan on atttending so I can get the food squared away. There may be a small charge per family to help cover - I say little and really mean it, so don't sweat that part of it. I've already gota bunch of RSVPs on facebook, so it is shaping up to be fun. Post here or comment on my facebook page. It should be a blast!!


Em Russ said...

Wish I could make it Dave but there's no way I can drag the clan to Utah again (plus I'm monsterously pregnant!!) Anyway, tell everyone hello for me. I'll be missing out, I'm sure!

Amateur Steph said...

We'll be there! Thanks for driving for us Alyssa. You were awesome. Next year, you're running it, right? :)

Czechers said...

I'm jealous of everyone who lives close and can easily go!! I am not pregnant (that'd be scary, huh), but I am gonna use the live-far-away excuse too! I am glad you're putting this together and I really hope we can make it next time! -Dan