Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Livie's First Birthday!!!!!

So I am a week or two late on posting this, but my motto: Better Late Than Never. We just had a small party for her with the grandparents and such. Had a simple dinner than had cake and ice cream. They gave us a free 8 inch round cake for livs. I thought it was huge for a kid to dig into but we gave it to her anyways. At first she was a bit timid with it. I think its because I won't let them dig around and get messy. But she didn't waste anytime after testing the waters. She dug and dug at it. And in true classic Livie style when she is done with it she throws it off the high chair. Luckily, we knew what she was doing and caught it before the SPLAT! She got a bunch of fun stuff from the family. Way cute clothes and a big slide and some "clipo" blocks, and she got a card from my Grandma Trimble and she has played more with that than any of the toys, go figure!

I can't believe that she is one years old. She just started talking a bit and walking a bit. I guess when they don't want to be babies they do it all at once. I don't have a baby no more (at times I miss it and other times I am relieved). She went from baby to a walking, talking, no baby food, sleeping all night (yeah that took awhile), little toddler in a matter of weeks.

She makes us all laugh with her funny ways! She has this cute cheesier smile that I bust up laughing at (pic below). I enjoy her laugh! My favorite thing is her trying to feed me all the time. Sometimes she will take any random bit size piece off the ground, food or not, and just stick it in my mouth. I guess she figures everything tastes good. She adores her sister, every morning, the first thing she looks for is Maddie. And kicks and smiles when she finally sees her. What a cute little bug she is! And she really adds to the family, what did I ever do without my little bug! And Maddie too, these two girls complete me!

Happy First Birthday Livs-A-Boo!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! =) I can't believe she is already 1...where does the time go! Really!

Matt and Alissa said...

She is so cute! I think small parties are the best. That smile is adorable. So cute! Happy Birthday, Olivia!