Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So I asked David today how it feels to be 30 and he told me he actually felt 40. So maybe we should be celebrating 40 instead!

For his birthday, we went to Braza Grill. It was suppose to be a surprise, which it was. But if you like to make him happy it is Brazilian Grub. So he figured it out before, but Maddie and I kept the secret. Which is a tough thing for me to do anyways.

Right now I feel like I ate a Thanksgiving dinner. I even attempted to eat Strawberry Shortcake when we got home. Haha! I ate half and saved it for later. Since this is David's favorite dessert, it didn't matter how full he was.

David is such an amazing Dad and Husband. He helps me out with dishes (I hate doing these), and he also helps put the kids down to bed when he is home. And on top of being a maid and dad, he works full-time and goes to school. It makes me feel like I do nothing! I love him very much and hopes his birthday was fun just hanging with the family.

P.S. I wrote this on his birthday but our computer went on the fritz and we just got it back going. So I am posting it now!


Stephanie and Co. said...

Happy Birthday!

Czechers said...

Happy Birthday Dave!! You're so old. I seem to do a double take about once a month now when I look in the mirror or see a picture that shows me how much my forehead is growing. At least I can still beat my three-year-old when we wrestle, though! -Dan