Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. Maddie asked him how old he was going to be, he told her 2 nickels. She turned to me and gave me this weird look and said "what is that?" I told her 55 years old. She then told me that he is really big now, like almost to the ceiling.

He is such a awesome grandpa. Maddie always asks me while we are driving down, if Grandpa will be there. My dad is an engineer for the railroad, which means he basically drives the trains. He is always on call so its a hit or miss if he is home when we come down. Maddie adores him! He gets down and plays with her, and teases her! She loves him so much!

I am so proud of my dad! He has really turned his life around. It has taken years to get where he is now, but he seems really happy now. Way to go daddy-o!

If you need a guide for Yellowstone, my dad is your guy. He knows about every geyser there is and when it last went. And where it is located and what type it is and so on. He even can tell you what the seismic activity is like there. He really pays attention to it when my family plans a trip there and brushes up on stuff and maps out his geysers that he wants to see erupt. I think this is so cool! Especially if I come up with them, I have my own personal tour guide.

I love my dad! And I couldn't ask for a better dad or grandpa! Thanks for being so freaking awesome! Have a good 55th birthday!

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Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor and Kylie said...

Your dad would get along great with Garrett. He has a fascination with Yellowstone and knows more about stuff than I do. We got him a video last time we went about it and he watched it like a million times and would spout off facts to me that made me feel really dumb. We have gone every year since he was born. I wish you guys could come with us in August.