Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fest 2009

Finally I am going to write about Easter. The Saturday before Easter was a busy day full of candy, egg hunts, food, food, and more food. We started the day off by picking Daddy up from work and heading to my parents for an egg hunt and lunch. Which Maddie had the whole backyard to herself except one egg Livie had to have this one egg (she grunted till I got it for her). But next year Maddie will have to share with Livs and Ivan.

Next we got in the car a bit late and headed to my-in-laws for another egg hunt and dinner. Which I was busy with Livie and didn't get to see it. But Maddie filled me in with how it all went down. It was chaos with 10 kids running around grabbing eggs. But Maddie enjoyed it! Livs next year will add to the Chaos, watch out! Dinner was yummy! Especially since I didn't have to make it.

Then we went home and dyed the eggs. Which was a smaller mess this year since Maddie didn't decide to stick her hand in the Orange dye to get the egg. No colored hands this year!

Easter morning I got Maddie and Livie ready for church before they looked for their baskets. Maddie showed Livie where her basket was. It took Maddie a while to find hers, but she found it in the printer cart drawer. David's passed his basket up, if it were a snake it would have bit him. I always tease him about being blind! My basket was easily found, growing up my baskets were always hidden well. It would take an hour or two to find, sometimes longer. So the Easter Bunny needs to step it up a notch with my basket. But Maddie found it before me so she found three of the four baskets this year, way to go Maddie!

Great Easter Weekend! The best part is that we spent it with Family and we also were able to celebrate Jesus's Resurrection. Which we discussed at the end of the day with Maddie.

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