Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for an Update

David just registered for school for the spring and told me that he has only three more semesters left of school. Yeah for him and us! Hopefully we will get more time with him. David went to the Utah/BYU game and he came back with a very hoarse voice (he sounds like Barry White!- I laugh every time he talks)- GO UTES! I had to listen to it on the radio, I made Olivia cry a few times because I got a little loud when Utah got interceptions or touchdowns. So I got a play by play of the game when David got home.

Olivia just had her 6 month checkup. What a surprise to me. She weighs 17lbs and 7oz, and is 27 inches long (I have a chubby long baby- if that is possible- she does have a few rolls). She is creeping everywhere and loves to see what she can find, this little girl is obsessed with paper. I think that I have picked the floor up but no she always finds something that I have missed. That girl has radar.

Maddie just keeps me on my toes, she got a pen/highlighter and decided that her wall needed add her own touch to the polka dots on her walls. But that was a easy taken care of. I just painted over the pen. I also have been teaching her numbers. She can count to 20 (sometimes she forgets 15) and recognizes them also. I have been teaching her the 20s but I usually have to remind her with one number and then she remembers the rest. I also have taught her how to write her first name, she really picked that up quick. I was amazed how quickly she learned her name, we are just starting her last name. She loves to read books and we just got a new book from the Cheerios box, which I think she has it memorized already (I like the book alot myself). The book is "When Dinosaurs came with Everything."

I have just been home trying to keep myself afloat. I had a break the other day, which does not happen much, to see a movie (see the last post). Olivia is an uber mommy's girl, she is miserable if I am not with her. She doesn't eat well or take a bottle when I am gone. So my breaks don't happen often and if they ever do they aren't long. But its okay I know that this won't last long (they grow up so fast), but sometimes I do get jealous.

I am excited for Thanksgiving and can't wait for snow. I wonder why we haven't gotten any yet! This is one of my favorite holidays (because eating food is one of my hobbies- I love a good meal!) Hope you all have a good holiday and eat plenty! Gobble Gobble!

Last two pictures are more from our photo shoot, photographer Maddie.

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Rowley's said...

I totally understand that Olivia is attached to her mommy! I can be a pain, but sometimes I secretly love that I am the only one that can make Carlee happy.
And sorry about the Maddies wall! Ah the joys of kids! If it make you feel any better, Aubrey put stickers around her whole room and some of them are stuck! I might be painting soon too! I hope you've been enjoying your holidays. Between the holidays and move to Logan, my heads been spinning!