Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grandpa Trimble

Today is my Grandpa's Birthday! He past away at the end of August. I wanted to write a tribute to him, as a birthday gift to him. I want to share a glimpse of the grandpa I knew and loved.

My grandpa was good with wood. He could make anything with wood. He made many things. I had a barbie house he made for me and Katherine, a table and chairs when I wanted to play house, a dresser that my girls use now, shelves in almost every room in my house, and countless other items. I am always reminded by the genius he was when he created anything from wood.

As soon as the weather turned nice we would head to my grandparents and have a BBQ. We would always have strawberries and other fruits along with chips and occasional pastrami for the hamburgers. It was like thanksgiving, eat as much as you could because it was so good. Grandpa made the best hamburgers in all the universe. I remember he would always ask what cheese I wanted, orange or white (Sounds silly but its part of the memory!). I still have not found anything remotely as amazing as his hamburgers.

He never liked strawberries because of a childhood experience with strawberry ice cream. But we always had strawberries at my grandparents. I always tried to get Grandpa to eat some. Katherine and I would tempt him to try the strawberries and say that we knew that he wanted some deep down inside. He would make this sound that was a cross between kaka and ssshhh (hard to put into words). And we would bust up laughing.

Saturday mornings when I spent the night, we would watch Saturday cartoons while we ate the yummy breakfast Grandma made us. He had one requirement, that we watched Looney Tunes and then I had free reign of the rest of the time. He especially liked the road runner and wiley coyote. Good Times! So much to remember and hold dear!

Thank you Grandpa for being such a great Grandpa. I miss your smile and your humor. I wish I could have been there more at the end, I tried to be. I will keep you close in my heart. Happy Birthday! Not a day over 23, right?


Stephanie and Co. said...

That was a nice tribute. It's so fun to have such good memories of someone.

Wheelos said...

What an awesome tribute, and it's good to see your beautiful girls!!