Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Idol Dorks

Yes, it is true....we are Idol dorks. Lyss all but makes an advent calendar counting down to when Idol starts. On Monday, July 14th, we went to the concert. She was very excited to see her "hottie" David Cook. It was a very good show. We ended up with some pretty good seats. It was a given that we were smack dab in the middle of what seemed like 10,000 screaming girls, all there to catch a glimpse of David Archuleta. He wanted to talk to the crowd, but seriously had to wait like five minutes because all the girls were trying to hoarse in that short amount of time. It was insane! Very good show, though. I (David) forgot the extra battery for our camera, so it died right at the end before I could get video of David Cook. Lyss was not happy with that!

Nerds at the concert

Carly Smithson (David's favorite)

Jason Castro (Maddie's favorite)

Kristi Lee Cook

Syesha Mercado

David Archuleta (Utah's newest celebrity)

David Cook (Alyssa's favorite)


Rowley's said...

I so jealous you got to go to that concert! That's so wonderful that you guys got a night off from being mommy and daddy too! And tell Maddie I like Jason Castro too.

Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor & Kylie said...

You are idol nerds but I bet you had a fun time. Dave...you like Carly??? I couldn't stand her. I liked the David's with the rest of the world. I bet it was fun. It was fun watching a couple of years ago with you guys every week at Mom's. I am an idol nerd too---not as big as you guys but I am one just the same. Love the zoo pictures too.